Episode 23: The Croglin Grange Vampire


The legend of the “Croglin Grange Vampire” first appeared in the 1890s, written by English author Augustus Hare. Hare claimed that he was sharing a “really extraordinary” story from the family of his good friend, Captain Fisher. The tale takes place in Cumberland, England, but when it was discovered that no place called Croglin Grange actually existed in Cumberland, people began to question the validity of Hare’s tale. Is Croglin Grange based on a real location? Did the undead really attack the tenants living there? Stay with us this week as we unpack the legend of the Croglin Grange Vampire.

Articles/sources for research and information:






“What a Wonderful Funeral” by Curran Son


Music provided by Non Copyrighted Music: 


Music used: Ghost Story by Kevin MacLeod


Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


This episode was written and produced by Jaden McKell. Theme music created, produced, and owned by Chuck Flyer. Used with permission.

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