“13 Nights of Halloween” Submissions

Planet Arcadia (1)

Hello, enigmatic listeners! As part of our “13 Nights of Halloween” series in October of 2019, we released one mini-episode each night for 13 days leading up to October 31st. The stories featured in these episodes included true crime, ghost stories, Creepypastas, and actual experiences from our listeners. Listeners submitted their real stories about sleep paralysis, haunted houses, supernatural specters, a neighbor who turned out to be a killer, and stalkers. This year, we’d like to continue the terrifying tradition — and we need your help! Please email us with your scary true story to hear it on our podcast!* If you’d like to submit your spooky experience, please note that we have a few criteria:

  1. Real experiences: Any story you submit must be something that actually happened! We do sometimes publish fictional stories on our podcast, but we’re looking for our listeners to share the creepy things that have really happened to them.
  2. Your own (or a friend’s) experience: It’s alright to submit an experience that happened to a friend, but please be sure to get their consent first. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Any story that is copy and pasted from the internet and claimed to be your own will not be included.
  3. No explicit content: While our episodes can be dark, we try to create content appropriate for listeners aged 13 and older. That being said, any story you submit must not contain any explicit content: excessive gore, inappropriate language, cursing, sexual content, etc. If you have any questions about whether a part of your story is too dark, just ask! To ensure these episodes are appropriate for our listeners, we may edit out any curse words.
  4. Length: Our goal is to feature mini-episodes during these 13 spooky nights. There is no limit to how short your written experience can be (if your story is extremely short, we may combine it with another listener’s experience). Please limit your story (limit to one submission please) to a maximum of 1,500 words.
  5. Privacy: At the beginning of your submission, please let us know if you’re comfortable with us using your real name. If you use other people’s names in your story, also be sure to check with them beforehand whether they’re comfortable with us using their names. We will mention your name at the beginning of your story when we record, but if you’d like, you and your friends can remain anonymous.
  6. All submissions are due by October 1st: Please email your true story to straightupenigmas@gmail.com no later than Tuesday, October 1st. This will give us time to record, edit, and publish your story on one of the 13 days leading up to Halloween.

We can’t wait to read your terrifying tales! Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

*We reserve the right to exclude any story that we feel does not meet these requirements. We may not be able to accept all submissions if we receive over 13 (as there will only be 13 episodes in the series). Submissions may be edited for grammar.

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